Germanic Epicenter…?

It’s interesting to see Germany being thrown back into the center of upheaval in the West…

From before the first two World Wars, it and its rivalry with France and other European Empires made it the focal point of massive upheaval.

In the Cold War – it was the Tripwire – with NATO facing off in West Germany with the Soviets in the East — with Berlin too — guaranteeing that any mistake or stupidity on either side would —- start a chain reaction into WWIII just like WWI…

But, then the Cold War came to a surprising end.

The Berlin Wall fell and the two Germanies reunited.  Hurray!!

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1992 Predictions Check 2.0

The use of the media to accomplish their objectives is very primary, very important for the Bilderbergers. In Meditation Magazine there was a very interesting interview with Jose Arguelles. He’s the man who masterminded the Harmonic Convergence, the big, New Age planetary meeting of August 16 and 17, 1987. Jose Arguelles said some very interesting things. He said that what the New Age planners are working on is the formation of a “mediarchy.”

What is a mediarchy? Well, Arguelles tells us that if the New Age community can take over our media–that’s our television networks and our cable systems–if they can take over our publications, our magazines, our newspapers, children’s books and adult books. If they can take over all of these media outlets, they can control the forces of all of planet earth.

The mediarchy, Jose Arguelles reveals, will help process the
information necessary to propel man into the New Age.

This is part of a series of posts on predictions found in the 1992 book Dark Majesty by Texe Marrs concerning Bush Sr. and the NWO.

When you read the quote below, keep in mind, and you can check, that in 1970s, along with teachings that the world might enter a New Ice Age if we did not curb industrialization and exploitation of the Earth —

— what you heard far more about was — Resource Depletion + Global Over-Population. — Just google for that yourself.  It was everywhere back then…

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So What’s Happened Since Then… Dark Majesty First Edition 1992

This is a link to the 2004 revised edition at Amazon.

Prophet or Predictor…?

In the Old Testament/Tanakh Christians and Jews are supposed to read to know God’s Will, a Prophet of God was to provide some prophecy of the future that would come true in order to give some proof of his claim to have been giving it by God.

21 You may say to yourselves, “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the Lord?” If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true,that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously,so do not be alarmed. (Deuteronomy 18)

And False Prophets could be stoned to death…

Well, writers about the New World Order and Secret Societies don’t claim to be Prophets…

They do give educated guesses about where we are heading and/or where they say the human Powers that Be are trying to take us…


Texe Marrs first published this book at the start of Bush Sr.’s presidency…

Dan Quayle has been sort of a fall guy for the media all this time, but suddenly here is the Washington Post saying wonderful things about the man. The newspaper proposed that Quayle was selected as vice president because of his great abilities. (around page 107)

This section deals with the Bilderberg Group Meetings.

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Sting – King of Pain – Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

maxresdefault King of Pain – Sting in The Police

Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden

I examined here the lyrics of two songs – written over a decade apart – that popped into my head while I was reading about — The Occult – and it’s emphasis on LIght and the Sun.

The Occult reverses biblical definitions. Lucifer is the good guy – and Light and Sun are his symbols – and the individual human is to view him as what they hope to become thru — Enlightenment.

9755765 What do they say?


“It’s just sort of a surreal dreamscape, a weird, play-with-the-title kind of song.”

Ever wonder where the title “Black Hole Sun” came from???

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