Germanic Epicenter…?

It’s interesting to see Germany being thrown back into the center of upheaval in the West…

From before the first two World Wars, it and its rivalry with France and other European Empires made it the focal point of massive upheaval.

In the Cold War – it was the Tripwire – with NATO facing off in West Germany with the Soviets in the East — with Berlin too — guaranteeing that any mistake or stupidity on either side would —- start a chain reaction into WWIII just like WWI…

But, then the Cold War came to a surprising end.

The Berlin Wall fell and the two Germanies reunited.  Hurray!!

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Oh, that’s why we have no border security…

I’m new to reading on this and have been overseas much of the past 20 years, so I’m catching up.  This is from The Late Great USA published about a decade ago in 2008.

001This was announced after a meeting in Waco, Texas between the leaders of the US, Canada, and Mexico.

This explains why Pres. Bush Jr. was for Amnesty for people who’d entered the US illegally. It explains why Pres. Obama has changed how the Border Patrol and immigration bureaus operate – telling them to sit on their hands.

002Let’s think about it for a minute or two:

Can you imagine a result where the United States will witness its citizens being able to treat Mexico the way the English roughly did India back in the day…?

Do you think American families with modest savings will be sending a son or two down to Mexico to “seek their fortunes” in a land where their relative wealth is stronger?

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