Occult References…? Ocean Drive

There is a theme here that I’ve noted in a couple of other songs spread over decades.

And the fact it is popping up here and there over a period of decades is significant.  Of what is debatable:  Are they pulling stuff from a common source?  Is the theme being inserted by the big guys who run the industry?

Don’t say a word while we dance with the devil (uh)
You brought a fire to a world so cold (uh)

(Song: Ocean Drive)

While we dance with the devil is self-explanatory there.  No need to point out how that connects with the Occult.

Fire to a World So Cold — That is the theme I came cross when thinking about references to a Black or Dark Sun or a Black Hole Sun…  Fire to a world so cold is the Prometheus story but also what the Luciferians say about the devil.  See these prior posts on Sting, the Police’s King of Pain and Invisible Sun as well as Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun.

Here, I’ll just repeat the basics:  To the Luciferians, the devil is the hero in the Garden of Eden story. The God of the Christians and Jews is the bad guy, because He wanted to keep humanity ignorant and then made them live a life of toil and trouble for daring to seek Knowledge…

We’re out of time on the highway to never
Hold on (hold on), hold on (hold on)

This is the chorus and connects back to the first stanza I’ll quote below. It’s a metaphor of life and life coming near its end.

See, for the Luciferian, this life and all it’s “pleasures” are of prime importance.  That’s the Knowledge they want you to embrace.  Like this old clip by Redd Foxx:

If you have a “give me mine now” attitude — but also believe in a big meanie powerful god (the one of the Christians and Jews) who is the co-ruler in the universe with Lucifer — then heading toward the end of that life of decadence —- you might start to fear Lucifer might not possibly be the more powerful of the two —– and fear what’s about to happen…

We’re riding down the boulevard
We’re riding through the dark night, night

With half the tank and empty heart
Pretending we’re in love, but it’s never enough, nah
As the sirens fill the lonely air
Oh, how did we get here now, now, now babe

We see a storm is closing in
Pretending we ain’t scared

That’s the first stanza of Ocean Drive and an echo of what I just said…

We’re running all the red lights down
No way that we can stop, nah, nah

Running all the Lights:  Which you’re supposed to follow, but those are the rules that keep you down, so be a renegade and break them…!  Wheeeeee!!!!

But as King Solomon said in the Bible – and Ocean Drive above – it’s never enough.

(Sting’s Invisible Sun also points to this Earth being a hell worthy of rebelling against:

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life
Looking at the barrel of an Armalite
I don’t want to spend the rest of my days
Keeping out of trouble like the soldiers say
I don’t want to spend my time in hell
Looking at the walls of a prison cell
I don’t ever want to play the part
Of a statistic on a government chart (The Police – Invisible Sun)

I communed with my heart, saying, “Look, I have attained greatness, and have gained more wisdom than all who were before me in Jerusalem. My heart has understood great wisdom and knowledge.” 17 And I set my heart to know wisdom and to know madness and folly. I perceived that this also is grasping for the wind. (Ecclesiastes by King Solomon – Bible – NKJV)

Solomon asked for great wisdom, and this did please the real 1-and-only God, but like God always understood, Solomon would find it ultimately unsatisfying. So Solomon turned to hedonism — women and wine and riches —- and found it even more so…

Ocean Drive is about a character who took the same path — but began it with Lucifer rather than God.

I wish we could take it back in time
Before we crossed the line now, now, now, babe

We see a storm is closing in (oh, oh, oh)

Solomon was a wretched man by the time of his death.  All that indulging in the flesh turned his life and the nation upside down in the end…  A civil war split Israel into two for the duration soon after his death.  The foundations for which he set himself…

For Ocean Drive — the choice of having your goodies on Earth in this life is reaching its end, and what’s next is a big concern…

Don’t say a word while we dance with the devil (uh)
You brought a fire to a world so cold (uh)
We’re out of time on the highway to never
Hold on (hold on), hold on (hold on), hold on

The problem is — never isn’t never…

You don’t run out of time if never is never…

Lucifer didn’t inform Adam and Eve that the gap between being “like” God and being God was —- infinite…

The rest of the song is just repetition of this chorus…

Conclusion:  There is a theme running through these handful of songs that I can’t attribute to just the Prometheus theme…  nor to some natural common thread that has kept replicating over the decades…

The Police were in the 80s.  Soundgarden in the 90s. Ocean Drive is now…

It’s more likely this is Occult and that’s the material the writers are drawing it from – and probably producer/record company driven….


Welfare short…

Why was it so easy for “Intellectuals” to see a problem when – say – a Ford factory worker lived in a Ford factory apartment complex and shopped (on credit) in a Ford factory market and ate in a Ford factory commissary and sent their kids to a Ford factory school to grow up to become Ford factory workers…

….but they can’t grasp the impact of this !@#!…?

Sting – King of Pain – Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

maxresdefault King of Pain – Sting in The Police

Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden

I examined here the lyrics of two songs – written over a decade apart – that popped into my head while I was reading about — The Occult – and it’s emphasis on LIght and the Sun.

The Occult reverses biblical definitions. Lucifer is the good guy – and Light and Sun are his symbols – and the individual human is to view him as what they hope to become thru — Enlightenment.

9755765 What do they say?


“It’s just sort of a surreal dreamscape, a weird, play-with-the-title kind of song.”

Ever wonder where the title “Black Hole Sun” came from???

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