Pedo-Report 15 April

Judge orders courtroom closed against gymnastics doctor

WDEF News 1211 hours ago
He’s charged with molesting 10 girls in the Lansing area. Not-guilty pleas have been entered on his behalf. In February, three former star gymnasts spoke out on

Elkhart County man accused of molesting 5-year-old girl

WSBT-TV11 hours ago
CONCORD TOWNSHIP — Antonio Fabian Gomes Lopez was arrested and booked into Elkhart County Jail, accused of molesting a 5-year-old girl. He was

Husband and wife charged with child molestation

South Bend Tribune12 hours ago
Shawn M. Jewart, 31, was charged with eight counts of child molestation and one count of performing sexual conduct in the presence of a minor in connection

Plea deal struck in day care molest case

Muncie Star Press20 hours ago
The first child molesting count filed against New, in March 2015, is a Class A felony carrying a maximum 50-year prison term. The second count, filed the

Play choreographer receives second charge for allegedly molesting

East Idaho News22 hours ago
REXBURG – A Firth man has been charged with a second sex crime after allegedly molesting a then-11-year-old girl he met during play practice seven years

Teacher Took Boys on Trips for Camping, Skiing – and Abuse

U.S. News & World Report8 hours ago
Four months after the trip, Kershaw was charged with molesting the two boys, who both came from a top private school in Washington, D.C.

Around 134 Sri Lankan Peacekeepers Revealed To Be Involved In …

T420 hours ago
Sri Lankan peacekeepers have been revealed to be embroiled in a pedophile circle in Haiti that sexually abuses and exploits minors. Numbers indicate that in

Ventura couple plead guilty to rape charge

Ventura County Star21 hours ago
The child molesting charge involved a second victim, a 12-year-old girl from Santa Barbara, who Vanwie had an “unnatural sexual fascination” with, authorities

Pedophile sentenced to 20 years for ‘child streaming’

Daily Mail14 Apr 2017
A pedophile has been sentenced for paying children in cash and sneakers to perform sexual activities with other minors and stream it so he could watch online


Billionaire ‘paedophile’ Sidney Frankel dies

Citizen8 hours ago
Frankel was facing up to eight charges of child molestation and sexual abuse in what WMACA called “the worst-kept secret in Johannesburg’s business, Jewish

Pedophile priest admits more offending hours ago
Pedophile priest Gerald Ridsdale appears before the Royal Commission into Insitutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse via videolink from jail. (Supplied)

United Nations “Peacekeepers” Caught Running A Child Sex Ring …

Collective Evolution7 hours ago
Every single year, pedophilia, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking rates increase. The International Labor Organization estimates that there are 20.9 million human

Astatula police sergeant arrested for sexually molesting child …

Orlando Sentinel6 hours ago
An Astatula police sergeant — who has served as a Cub Scout leader — was arrested Wednesday for sexually molesting a boy, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Man to trial for allegedly molesting a child in Meadville

Meadville Tribune11 hours ago
A Venango County man is scheduled to go to trial in Crawford County court this fall on multiple charges for allegedly sexually molesting a 7-year-old girl more …

Twice Deported Illegal Immigrant Charged for Allegedly Molesting

Breitbart News8 hours ago
A previously deported illegal immigrant with a prior felony conviction was charged for allegedly abusing a young girl sexually. Law enforcement officials say that …

Victims’ families feeling relieved as former Fresno music teacher is …

KFSN-TV21 hours ago
“Mr. Argote has pled no contest to six counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a minor, in other words– child molest on 2 different victims,” said Deborah Girard, …

Sex contract could be pivotal in case against Jeffersonville man …

WDRB1 hour ago
“For a grown man to locate a child and start molesting that child, and then reduce that to writing and make the child sign that … it was both heartbreaking and ..

Man pleads guilty to molesting infant, 4-year-old girl and filming it

PennLive.com56 minutes ago
A Franklin County man could be destined to spend decades in federal prison after pleading guilty Thursday to molesting a baby boy and a 4-year-old girl, filming

Wellpinit child molester receives 22 years in federal prison

The Spokesman-Review18 hours ago
A federal judge sentenced a 41-year-old Wellpinit man to 22 1/2 years in prison for molesting a child under the age of 12. U.S. District Court Judge Fremming .


Group seeks to shame online predators.

“Suspended A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack exchanged child pornography and lewd pictures with ­another man for two years, police will allege.”

“The chilling portrait that emerged was that of a man who had inappropriate contact with as many as 15 different young students across multiple occasions, beginning with his time in Coachella Valley Unified School District and continuing through his more than two-decade tenure in Desert Sands Unified School District.”

Cruise Missiles Send a Message?

I watched a lot of people who should know better claim Pres. Trump lobbing missiles at a Russian airbase in Syria was a “bold” signal to North Korea (and others). —- How can they be that fucking blind…?

Dictatorships that don’t mind killing their own people (which is all of them that I can think of) view Limited Military Response as —- Weakness.

I’ll cut this short.  I know Korea.  I know Pyongyang will view Trump’s move as —— a wonderful window of opportunity.

Watch —- Within weeks — 3 months tops — North Korea will fill some bodybags somewhere in a bold attack it expects will draw global attention and put pressure on the US and other concerned nations like Japan and China and South Korea…

Just wait and watch…

The Supernatural…?

I’m starting to see clearly why the powers that be needed to first push the “Science!!” vs “Superstition!!” idea.

They needed to cover their tracks…

If we had not had a couple hundred years of “de-mythologizing” reality led by the European intellectual community – the average person walking the streets today ———- wouldn’t even scratch their head for a second when the see the statue of Shiva dancing in front of CERN…   They’d understand the symbolism and work being done instantly…


Way Out on a Limb…

Trump won’t last a year on the job

I realized a week or so ago that Donald Trump’s lack of support in Congress is his Achilles Heel.

It only takes a Misdemeanor to get Impeachment rolling, and in this day-n-age, any President can be brought up on one of those. It only takes a 51% vote in the House to Impeach a President.

The hard part is getting 2/3rds of the Senate to convict to remove him from the White House. — There was small talk throughout Bush Jr. and Obama’s reign about Impeaching them, but they had too much backing in the Senate. —– Trump – unfortunately – doesn’t have 33 Senators to watch his back…


I started thinking about other presidents – besides Bill Clinton – who’d faced a potential Impeachment run, and I started noticing parallels with the early 70s and Richard Nixon. I won’t bother listing them, because this post is about a prediction:

Trump Impeached

If Trump wins the election, he’ll be out of office within 18 months of his inauguration… That’s about the timetable of other presidents who came close to being removed by Congress (Nixon, Johnson, and Jackson). — Pence will be President before the mid-term elections of 2018…

Obama as UN Ambassador

That’s the big one.  The gigantic guess. I’m actually pretty confident on the 1st prediction, but this one?  —- Way out on a limb — but I bet I’m correct.

Larry Nichols

This is the man who kept President Clinton in court more than judges. The man who broke the Jennifer Flowers story. The man who got Bill Clinton Impeached…

Nichols was a key person on the early Clinton team before he was Governor of Arkansas. He developed the unorthodox strategy for getting someone with such baggage in his personality as Clinton elected:  Make people hate the Clintons, because for every individual who does, there is one or more who hate that person…


Mr. Nichols said he and others came up with a blueprint for the future at the request of the Clintons back in 86:  Get Bill elected President — followed by Hillary — who would make Bill the UN Ambassador — and then he’d become Secretary General of it…

Jeb Bush

Nichols said Jeb was supposed to be the Republican nominee this election, because he was someone Hillary could surely beat. — In his tales about Arkansas, he mentioned the Big Players behind the scenes – who wanted Bill Clinton to become the youngest governor in history – always work both sides of the aisle.  —- That they don’t leave anything to Chance.

But, Bush didn’t win…

Does that mean the Powers that Be were defeated? — I doubt it.


It was obvious back in 2008 that the whole Establishment on the Left threw Hillary under the bus when they went for Obama…

Mr. Nichols has said before that both Hillary and Obama want to be the main players on the Left — which means they are more enemies than friends.

But how can Obama remain a key player in the game – with backing and all – if he can’t be President again? and Michelle is not a part of politics at all?

United Nations + the Clintons?

With the Clintons, the Powers that Be can have willing participants in whatever schemes – but – they also get tons of ambition and hunger for power. — They built up their own war-chest worth hundreds of millions or more – as they also cultivated International Ties to be milked later…

Maybe that’s why they tossed Hillary under the bus in 2008…  Maybe they deemed the Clintons too untrustworthy…? Too big for their britches…

Obama Heals the World

What do they get with Obama?

Far less real ambition. Far lazier. Far more controllable…

Imagine This

This will likely be one of the most chaotic, bloody elections in history. Since at least 68…

Hillary is using the Divide and Conquer strategy dreamed up for the Clintons in Arkansas.

We’ve got assassinations of cops across the country.

We’ve got Republican big shots skipping their Convention out of fear and/or unwillingness to work with Trump.

We’ve got a potential collapse of the economy.

We’ve got two of the most polarizing presidential candidates in history.

— If this election becomes as chaotic and violent as some have feared — and then it becomes even worse if Trump wins and is inaugurated — because BLM and other Leftist Shock Troops are given the orders to make Trump’s job almost impossible – with one fire to put out after another —

and Congress does Impeach and Convict him…

a President Pence —- could try to “unite” America – and America with the world community – by naming Obama the US Ambassador to the UN…!

Who’d Make a Better Secretary General?

Bill Clinton looks like he’s at Death’s Door. He’s also been largely a nobody in the public eye for a long, long time…

Who would make the global community more excited – Bill or Obama? — That’s easy to guess…

Who could be sold easier as a perfect pick to “heal the racial divide” in America?

What could look more beautiful – in some’s minds – to have a Republican president send Obama to the UN…? What a perfect move to be portrayed as a noble effort to re-united America and the world after a chaotic Trump affair…?

What to Watch For

– Let’s see if the Press and Leftist Shock Troops do makes this one of the bloodiest election seasons ever. —- New Order out of Chaos requires Chaos first…

– Let’s see if some big players in the Press do something weird:  Take shots at Hillary rather than being all-out in favor of her like they did for Obama.  — Doing what they can to help Obama be the UN pick instead of Clinton…

– Let’s see how little Congressional support Trump continues to appear to have before election day and on into inauguration day…


Having the numbers in Congress to Impeach Trump already means this is a win-win for the big players behind the scenes.

But having Pence as a non-Trump alternative isn’t that big a prize, is it? More than working with Hillary?

Well, yes, if it means they can get Obama in the UN like the Clintons want for Bill…

I have to believe the powers that be would consider the Clintons as less controllable…